Human Hair Extensions vs. Non-Human Hair Extensions

Keeping the Hair long can be pretty stressful, but Human Hair Extensions have been a great transformer of looks, it can be seen on women from all walks of life be it Long, short or curvy the deal is to look beautiful.

Non-human hair are made from fine plastic fibers through synthetic processes, thereby making them Synthetic fibers while Human hair is derived directly from people. The trend of keeping human hair for financial prospect has increased all over Europe, Brazil, and the USA topping the list.

Choosing between Human hair (Natural) and Non-Human Hair (Synthetic) at some point can somehow involve a lot of decision making especially for those with little or no knowledge on the topic in question, but this will help you decide. So, Let’s Discuss.

Human Hair vs-Human (Synthetic Hair): Human Hair

 Quality: Human Hair offers Premium quality with a more natural and superb look over Synthetic hair because it is culled from peoples head, humans. Its ability to blend with the bio hair has given it top notch quality making it the best hair extension so far. It’s all-purposeful and can be sized to taste. Human hair can also last longer than over a year with proper and adequate care compared to synthetic hair. Human Hair moves and shines just like your natural hair would.

Pricing:  Expect human hair to be more expensive than synthetic hair because the source is real and genuine and also because it’s made to behave exactly like your hair. The smallest wig goes for around $300 or more and stock wig for $700+.

COLOR TREATING: Human hair can be treated or dyed into various color according to your wish or taste. This makes it more versatile, trendy and useful for different purposes, events and occasion.

MAINTENANCE:  Human hair requires more maintenance than synthetic hair .it gets dry and also drops in humidity. It needs more washing and proper upkeep to make it last longer, retain its Quality and color. Replicating the exact color after dyeing is quite hard so expect to so save some extra pennies for upkeep after purchase.



Human Hair vs-Human (Synthetic Hair): Synthetic Hair.

Quality: Synthetic hair is less durable, versatile and cheap in quality compared to human hair. This does not make it any lesser cos Non-Human hair(synthetic) also feel more like the Human hair depending on the quality of the process used in production except that they do not last long like the Human Hair. Synthetic hair can only be in use for a period of 4-6months and some for just one month.

Color: Varieties of colors can be tried on Synthetic Hair at the comfort of your home without visiting the stylist. The shine on the synthetic hair makes it look faker like to those that know the hair making it look to too Perfect.

Maintenance: Synthetic hair is effortless to maintain and care for; all that it needs is just wash, dry and shake. The style does not change no matter the weather or season it keeps in its state. They can’t be straightened or curled unless you get a preternatural heat type they will make them bounce back into shape with minimal effort.

The only thing I have discovered over the years is that Keeping both is great depending on cash that you are willing to throw into it. But some extra money will be needed to get the all Human hair because you will want to feel more human and at some other time more curvy, suave and fly! So Dang it. I prefer both, the Human and Nonhuman Hair.